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Knock Off Mole trap (chain) 
Knock Off Mole trap (chain) can be used both in the mole tunnel as well as in the molehill. This enables the trap to catch moles in all kinds of situations. When using the trap in the mole tunnel, it is advisable to use two traps.

Very ease to apply, excellent catch results due to the strong spring.

The chain prevents the locking plate from being lost.

The mole trap is completely galvanised for a longer life span.

Tip! Always wear gloves when placing a mole trap.

15,5 x 16 cm

Knock Off Mole Trap (chain)

Mole rat New
Size 1 st
Article code KNOC00153
Description Knock Off Mole Trap (chain)
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€ 11,95 / 1 st

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