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Inserter Plastic all boluses

Multifunctional plastic inserter!
€ 17,50
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 50cm galvanised metal

Metal poultry feeder with 8 units.
€ 14,75

Birrdeeez Jumbo Macaw #2 sekelbos & Chain

This brightly coloured toy of wood has many bells, pieces of wood and rings. This perch can be placed anywhere in the cage and is easy to confirm. Length: 50 cmTarget animal: parrots and ara's
€ 28,75

Body Treat Hider

A toy to cuddle with but also for hiding treats. 
from € 13,75

Rumivet Bica-Pil Kalf

€ 24,70
Ox Sheep Dog

ZoneGuard wire 3 mm blue

This wire of the ZoneGuard Wire Plus line is braided and therefore, power is always available, even if a break should occur.
€ 74,85
Ox Horse Dog

Tape ZoneGuard blue 10 mm

This tape of the ZoneGuard Tape Basic line is particularly special because of its blue colour, which scares off wild animals.
€ 34,50

Mouse trap Supercat Trap Pro

The captured mouse can be removed easily and quickly, without have to touch it with your hands. 
€ 3,75
Poultry Chicken

Poultry drinker kit automatic 10 litres

Using an automatic poultry drinker makes sure that the water level remains constant, the water will be replenished automatically.
€ 44,50
Dog Cat

Dental Oral Care Dog & Cat

Because of its unique composition, the mouth condition will improve quickly, because it takes bad breath, tartar and irritated gums at the source. 
€ 9,95
Dog Cat

Itch Stop (Jeukstop) Plus Cat&Dog (spray)

An all-round skin spray and usable for all skin discomfort and a sensitive skin. 
€ 22,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off Fly Trap incl. FlyNip

Fly trap with the irresistible FlyNip lure for use outdoors. Designed to hang and for multiple use. Catches house, stable- and flesh flies. 
€ 9,95