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Terrace / Outdoor

Terrace / Outdoor

Horse Dog

Mud Daddy 5 liter

Washing and cleaning with this handy sprayer!
€ 39,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Rinsekit Shower 7.5 litre

The patented system Rinsekit does not use batteries or electricity. 
€ 129,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off FlyTrap Pro

Big disposable fly bag with the irresistible FlyNip attractant, for an optimal attraction of  house-, stable- and flesh flies.
€ 12,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off FlyNip Refill

FlyNip is a very attractive lure for flies. Irresistible to house flies, stable flies and flesh flies and offers incredible catch results.
€ 7,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off Flytrap Garden

Disposable  flybag with very good attraction to house-, stable and flesh flies.
€ 8,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Flybuster Garden Trap with bait

The flytrap contains highly effective attractant (100% organic) which attracts flies. Place the attractant in the flybuster, add water and Flybuster Garden is ready for use! The specially patented "one way" openings of the FlyBuster are designed in a way that when the fly goes in, it can't escape.Incl. bait.
€ 24,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off Fly Trap incl. FlyNip

Fly trap with the irresistible FlyNip lure for use outdoors. Designed to hang and for multiple use. Catches house, stable- and flesh flies. 
€ 9,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Flybuster Bait

The FlyBuster system is based on a highly effective attractant that has a huge appeal to flies and other insects and is therefore the ideal flycatcher. Mixing ratio40 gram attractant per liter water. ContainsFLYB2040: 4 x 20 grFLYB5240: 240 gr
from € 26,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Flybuster Trap 6 l. excl bait

The importance of natural and effective fly control
€ 24,95

Fruit Fly Trap incl. bait

Fruit fly trap for both indoors and outdoors. Super effective! • Sturdy reusable plastic trap consists of two parts.• Attracts insects into the trap through its specially formulated natural bait and the light projected through the transparent cover.
€ 5,95

Fruit Fly Trap bait

Bait for fruit flies for both in- and outdoor use. Super effective!Perfect in combination with Fruit Fly Trap incl. baitContent2 sachets
€ 6,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig


An environmentally cleaning agent based on enzymes. It quickly removes all dirt. 
from € 6,95

Replacement Mosquito UV-A Tube 7 Watt

The special Black Light Black (BLB) provides a good attraction without the lamp emitting bright light.
€ 5,05
Fly Mosquito

UV-A flylamp

Powerful UV-A tube. 
from € 3,95

Wasp Trap Unique with attractant "Natural Control"

Wasp Trap Unique "Natural Control" is very suitable and effective.Perfect for use outside in the garden, patio, barn, stable, dunghill, compost heap, kennels and waste places.
€ 9,75

Snail trap UNIEK incl. attractant

Take snails quickly, safely and effectively in the trap!
€ 9,10