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Bicarbonate bolus reduces the risk of acidosis.
Contains advanced bicarbonate for a rapid increase of the rumen pH-value. Both curative and preventive use. Especially for high yielding cows. Ideal in case of low ruminate activity, heat, transportation. 
Bicarbonate bolus for dairy cattle.
Supplementary feed for dairy cattle.
For a rapid increase in the rumen pH-value.

How effective is the Bi Bolus?
Scientific tests have shown that a certain amount of sodium bicarbonate increases the pH-value in the rumen. It appears from a German study that 20 percent of the dairy farmers have problems with acidosis. The cost of a clinical case are estimated between 400 to 600 euro per cow. Rumen acidosis can lead to laminitis and lameness.
For which cows is it suitable?
By acidification (acidosis) of rumen contents. Ideal in case of low ruminate activity, heat, transportation.
How to recognize ruminal acidosis?
By low milk fat content (<3%), milk or fat content lower than milk protein. Ruminal acidosis occurs on every dairy farm. The degree to which varies per farm. Especially high yielding cows after calving are prone to this condition.
Sodium bicarbonate, Gelatin
4 x 116 gr
In a cool and dry place.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Registration number NVWA/GMP+: 40120
Produced according to HACCP guidelines.
GPM+ FSA-assured.

Composition and labels
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Bi-pH Bolus (bicarbonate Bolus)

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Size 4 st
Article code BIPH05018
Description Bi-pH Bolus (bicarbonate Bolus)
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€ 19,95 / 4 st

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