Just like in us humans, energy deficiencies can occur in horses. You can easily prevent or supplement these deficiencies with Excellent Vitasporal Horse, a supplementary feed for horses. Vitasporal contains vegetable oils and fats, vitamins A, D and E and beta-carotene. The latter supports the horse's health and gives the product its specific red-orange colour. Vitasporal is a tasty paste that is easily introduced into the mouth with a convenient injector. Excellent Vitasporal Horse is specially developed for a stepwise release of energy.

We can categorise this energy release into 3 different stages:

  1. Rapid release
  2. Medium release rate
  3. Slow release

For each stage of energy release, there are specified components of Excellent Vitasporal Horse that do their job at this stage.

  1. For fast energy release, the active ingredient is dextrose.
  2. For medium release rate, vegetable oils are used.
  3. For slow release, vegetable fats come into play.


Schematically, this looks as follows:

Excellent Vitasporal Horse can provide support in various situations:

Giving a quick boost after

  • Vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Disease

Support during foaling season

  • Mare regaining strength faster after giving birth
  • Energy boost for pregnant and lactating mares
  • Half injector gives foal an extra good start


  • Doping-free energy boost
  • Extra energy all day long
  • No extra formation of body heat when the horse releases more energy
  • After exertion faster muscle recovery

General use

  • Energy boost for older horses
  • For a dull coat when shedding
  • Every 4 weeks when the 'R' is in the month
  • To support the resistance


Excellent Vitasporal Horse comes in a handy injector that allows you to insert the paste directly into the horse's mouth. This paste is easily absorbed by the horse thanks to the (for horses pleasant) taste.

The main ingredients of Excellent Vitasporal Horse are vegetable oils and fats, vitamins A, D and E and beta-carotene. Below is a brief explanation:

Vegetable fats and oils are an important source of energy for horses. They also play a role in skin and coat health. They are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6.
These fatty acids are essential for heart and brain health.

Vitamin A is important for eye, skin and immune system health.

Vitamin D plays a role in the absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus. This is very important for bone and dental health.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps protect healthy cells, the removal of waste products and keeps the horse's muscles healthy and supple. Vitamin E also helps the removal of waste products created by muscle exertion (lactic acid). Vitamin E also supports skin health and the immune system.

Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and is often added to horse feed for its antioxidant properties and red-orange colour. It is naturally present in green leafy vegetables and carrots and can help improve skin and coat quality, resistance to infection and eye health.

All these positive properties make Excellent Vitasporal Horse a fantastic vitamin and energy boost for horses. A healthy boost for horses that can use some support! Be convinced of these properties and order today!