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Itch Stop Plus Spray

Soothing skin spray for mane, tail and abdomen. Ideal to sooth and care for skin with insect bites and sunburn.  
€ 32,50
€ 27,50

Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat Starter pack in trough

Feeder with Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat. Our brand-new Mint, Oregano, Turmeric & Garlic recipe is proving to be a big hit with the chickens. This unique blend of beneficial herbs are known to help aid the respiratory system but may also help to maintain healthy skin and eyes. SizeBar: 15,5 x ø 5,5 cmFeeder: 18,3 cm
€ 9,95

Hentastic foraging cake feeder

This Hentastic foraging feeder is designed to be used with our Foraging Cakes; a great way to give your chickens all of the nutrition they need! Simply place the Foraging Cake (HENT10052) into this feeder and pop it on the floor – enjoy watching your chickens pecking away at this delicious treat! Comes without treat. Sizeø outer ring: 8 cmø inner ring: 17,5 cm 
€ 3,95

Hentastic foraging feast treats for chickens

Hentastic Foraging Feast are specially formulated pellets that are packed full of natural herbs including basil, mint, parsley and oregano. Not only do they have great antioxidant properties, they are also high in protein and rich in vitamins A, B and C – perfect for aiding digestion and helping to promote good growth and bone structure!  Weight1 kg
€ 8,95

Maximus Feed & Play

The Maximus feed and treat cube is the way to reward your horse playfully. You can use almost every treat in it. Made of durable plastic. Perfect to fill with Sweet Blocks! Perfect to fill with Sweet Blocks!SWEE002SWEE003SWEE004SWEE005SWEE006
€ 21,50
€ 18,50
Mole rat

Mole Trap Yankee Junior with Tensioner

The Mole Trap Yankee is an excellent allround mole trap that captures moles perfectly fine and is very attractively priced.
€ 5,50
€ 4,75

Salt Lick Excellent Horse

Dibs- hard salt lick made of 100% rock salt, calcium and magnesium.
€ 14,95
€ 11,95
Mole rat

Mole Trap Farmer Super with chain

Captures the mole in both the corridors and the molehill! 
€ 8,95
€ 7,65

Bootbrush with hand rest

The ideal shoes/boots brush. Simply place next to the door and ready!
€ 49,50
€ 39,50

Crypto Block for calves

The best start for every newborn calf. Supports and improves the resistance. Contains a mix of: Dextrose and Locust bean gum.
€ 32,50
€ 27,50

Hentastic Trough Feeder for jumbo chicken treat

Place feeder on flast secure ground and remove all packaging. This versatile trough can also be used with Hentastic Forageing Feast Pellets or Smart Start Pellets. Remember to clean your feeders regulary with warm, soapy water. Size18,3 cm
€ 6,95

Braaaf Twister Braid

Braaaf's chew snacks are made from the very best basic products, to guarantee quality, Braaaf's products are checked frequently for quality and hygiene. Size and contentBRAA100121: 6 cm long - 5 pcsBRAA100005: 12 cm long - 3 pcsBRAA100006: 13 cm long - 2 pcsBRAA100120: 20 cm long - 1 pc
from € 3,95