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Catnip Bal Jungle look 2-Pack

Special tennis balls for cats with a nuclear amount of CATNIP. The Jungle Look will bring out the hunting instinct of your cat. Dimensionø 4 cm
€ 3,70

Bella Espresso Bowl

Beautiful bowl with a cool design. The matte exterior and the shiny interior give this bowl a modern, luxurious look.
from € 4,05

Unstuffed Goose assorti

Cute Unstuffed Goose cuddly toys with squeaker.
€ 8,70

Colostrum measuring device

The colostrum measurer can determine the amount of immunoglobins present in the colostrum.
€ 27,50

Tiny Tots Frog

Toys suitable for our littlest of friends! The Tiny Tots contain a squeaker. Size:+/- 10 cm
€ 3,85

Braided Cotton Rope Bumper with 2 TPR Balls 35 cm

With a TPR ball for extra chewing and fun.
€ 6,90

Calf milk heater MTH 160

It is essential that the milk for calves is administered at the right temperature. If this is not done properly, there is a chance that it will end up in the rumen, this is wrong because the rumen are not able to digest milk. This can be prevented by using a calf milk heater. The milk will be at the right temperature within 10 to 15 minutes and automatically switches off due to the built-in thermostat. A red warning light will tell you when the calf milk heater is switched on. With the dial you can change various temperature settings. At least 15 cm of milk (in a bucket) is needed in order to heat up the milk. Temperature:2 = 20°C 3 = 30°C 4 = 40°C 5 = 50°C 6 = 60°C 7 = 70°C 8 = 80°C 9 = 90°C 10 = 100°C  Size:Height: 94 cmFoot: ø 15,5 cmWeight: 5.6 kgVolt: 230Watts: 2300 Extremely reliable and accurate!
€ 159,50

Prickle Hogs

These hedgehogs are softer than their name would suggest! The Prickly Hogs contain a squeaker. Figure and size:PETS20580B: blue/green 18 cmPETS20580G: green 18cmPETS20580P: pink 18 cmPETS20580R: red 18 cm
from € 7,25

Feeding bag calf with Zipper

2.5 liters durable vinyl bag.
€ 27,50
€ 24,50

Tuff Peanut Butter Balls 2-Pack

Is your dog crazy about peanut butter?Tennis-balls specially made for dogs.Benefits:• Rubber tennis-ball with a polyester outer layer, makes it safe for teeth.• Permanent color (does not stain).• Non-irritant and non-toxic to humans and animals.• Extra thick wall (4 mm = 81% thicker compared to a normal tennis ball)These balls contain a peanut butter flavour and taste!
from € 4,75

Mojo Friends Treat Ball Hedgehog

Cute hedgehog made of durable TPR rubber.
from € 3,75

Chucky Cow

Chucky Cow is a incredibly huggable plush cow. Chucky Cow contains a squeaker. Suitable for playing fetchSize:30 cm
from € 9,30