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Gorilla Ball

Strong thermoplastic rubber ball for dogs with a vanilla scent. Bounces perfectly. The spines provide cleaning of the teeth and massage the gums.
from € 2,90

Prickle Hogs

These hedgehogs are softer than their name would suggest! The Prickly Hogs contain a squeaker. Figure and size:PETS20580B: blue/green 18 cmPETS20580G: green 18cmPETS20580P: pink 18 cmPETS20580R: red 18 cm
from € 7,25


Easysol is a ready for use cleaning agent for the the claw based on organic acids.
€ 16,95
€ 14,50

Monster 3 Knot Cotton Rope 55 cm

Pull, play and quality, that's what this floss toy is all about! It contains extra strong durable floss rope which cleans the dog's teeth.
€ 13,50

Knotted Cotton Rope Tug 38 cm with Tuff Ball (6cm)

With a dog-friendly TUFF tennis-ball (extra thick wall) and Extra chewing fun.
€ 8,90

Mojo Friends Treat Ball Hedgehog

Cute hedgehog made of durable TPR rubber.
from € 3,75
Dog Cat

USB Laser Chase Rechargeable

Petsport Laser Chase Rechargeable is a special pen designed to challenge your pets. The neat design of this compact black laser pen has a stylish finish and is small enough to carry with you anywhere you go. Easy to charge through USB, no batteries needed!The most unique aspect of this laser pen is that it has various settings that distort the laser beam causing it to never be the same. Size:11,5 cmComes in various colours.
€ 11,95

Kat Fishin Wand Mouse

Cats are playful animals so it's wise to buy toys for them. With this wand you and your cat can play together. When playing with your cat, one of the advantages is that you create a bond with him/her.  Size:Wand: 41cm Total: 94cm (unstretched)
€ 7,20

Sheldon Sheep

Sheldon sheep is a incredibly huggable plush sheep with a woolly fur. Sheldon Sheep contains a squeaker. Suitable for playing fetch. Size:18 cm
from € 7,65
Ox Horse Dog Cat

Skin Derm for wound and skin

Skin Derm supports the recovering ability of the skin!Wound Ointment incl vit. A & vit. D!
€ 9,95

Equi Psylium Plus

Especially for sand eating horses to remove sand from the horse's body optimally. In order to prevent chronic digestive disorders in the large intestine.
€ 29,50

Giant Tuff Balls Squeak 10cm

With a diameten of no less then 10 cm we truly mean "MEGA" in the name "Mega Tuff Ball" The thick natural rubber shell ensures that Mega Tuff Ball is super durable.
€ 5,35