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KONG Dragon Knots
Dragon Knots are a whimsical addition to the Knots collection. The realistic feel of the internal knotted rope, big body squeaker and crinkling sound of the magical wings get dogs geared for play and satisfies their natural instincts. The strong rope knot tug toy has minimal stuffing for less mess and charms with long-lasting fun.
• Internal knotted rope satisfies natural instincts
• Big squeak for big fun
• Minimal stuffing for less mess
Length: 22 cm
Width: 16 cm
Thickness: 8 cm

Kong Dragon Knots M/L (Assorted Colours)

Dog New
Size 1 st
Article code KONGNKK21E
Description Kong Dragon Knots M/L (Assorted Colours)
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 15,30 / 1 st

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Pet Qwerks Flex Breath / Peanut Butter Bone S 10 cm 2 pcs.

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