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Feed and drinking bowls

Feed and drinking bowls

Poultry Chicken

Drinking heater frost-free water 25cm

€ 29,50
Poultry Chicken

Hotplate for poultry waterer

Hotplate for Poultry Waterer
€ 24,95
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder with legs

Poultry feeder with legs
from € 9,45

Bird Feeder 2 kg (ass. colour)

Bird feeder. Height: 27 cm Contains: 2 kg
€ 14,25
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 2 kg orange

Strong plastic feeding station with a capacity of 2 kg. Easy to fill and easy to place anywhere you like. Thanks to the smooth surface, the feeding station is easy to clean. Size19 x 20 cm. Content2 kg
€ 6,75
Poultry Chicken

Standing poultry drinker

With this standing poultry drinker, water is always available for your chickens, pheasants and other animals. 
from € 53,15
Poultry Chicken

Poultry drinker 1 litre green

Poultry drinker, made of durable plastic. 
€ 3,45
Poultry Chicken

Poultry drinker lemon with plug

This plastic dispenser with plug is made of durable transparent plastic.
from € 11,55
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder

Easy to fill and to clean. With cover for closing. 
from € 43,95

Poultry feeder 50cm purple

Feeder for poultry.
€ 9,65
Poultry Chicken

Poultry drinker kit automatic 10 litres

Using an automatic poultry drinker makes sure that the water level remains constant, the water will be replenished automatically.
€ 44,50
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 20cm assorted

Feeder for poultry with 12 units. 
€ 2,55
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 30cm assorted

Feeder for poultry with 18 units.
€ 3,33
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 50cm galvanised metal

Metal poultry feeder with 8 units.
€ 14,75
Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 1 kg green

Poultry feeder, made of durable plastic. 
€ 5,45
Poultry Chicken

Poultry eggs plastic

Stimulate your chickens to lay eggs by using these plastic eggs.
€ 0,60