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Made with galvanized wire, to trap rats and mice alive
Equipped with a swing flap with tension spring.
28 x 9 x 10 cm
This trap contains a bottom made of wood
VAL006E contains a bottom made of plastic

Wire Cage Rat Trap Alive

Rat Quality
Size 1 st
Article code VAL006E
Description Wire Cage Rat Trap Alive
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 7,25 / 1 st

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Knock Off Baitbox Mouse with trap + key

Knock Off Baitbox with trap + key This multifunctional baitbox is perfectly suitable for the monitoring and control of mice.
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Low Coffee Table and Lounger

With there being such a strong following for Aaron’s unique style and use of recycled drums, adding furniture to the range was almost a necessity to keep the followers of this range happy. From lounging about to dining with friends ee-i-ee-i-o has you covered. All the tables in this range come flat packed and are easy to assemble. SizeOUTSE40201: Low Table - 38 x 70 x 70 cmOUTSE40210: Low Lounger - 66 x 66 x 61 cm
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Olan FLYoff elek. defense (Fly)

The new enviromentally safe fly repeller is designed to emit a continuous and modulated ultrasound which have a disturbing effect on flies, forcing them to leave the immediate surroundings of the operating device. The repeller is completely harmless and does not make use of any polluting chemical substances, thereby being able to clear the surroundings in a non-toxic and enviromentally safe way. CoverageEffective within 60-80 m3 Size11,2 x 7,4 x 4,7 cm
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Life Trap Rat 65x17x20cm

Trap to catch rats.Created in collaboration with professionals. Size: 65 x 17 x 20 cm
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The Black Power Mosquito Killer

The deathly attraction of UV-A light, powerfull sucking fan and a high voltage inner grid!
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Life Trap Rat 65x17x20cm

Trap to catch rats!Created in collaboration with professionals!
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Outside Butterfly

Designed as an electrical light shade or for a candle or just as a beautiful sphere shape for a shelf or landscape. Hand crafted from mild steel and finished in a durable pre aged rust style, which will continue to age gracefully over time. Hanging Kit Sold Separately. Suitable for both inside or outside locations. Butterfly Sphere can used as a sculpture or an outdoor lighting feature (please add lighting kit if you would like this to be used as a light). SizeOUTSE16140: Small - 66 cm ø 32 cmOUTSE16150: Large - 86 cm ø 52 cm
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Olan Aller-Via-Batt. defense (Dust mite)

AllerVia is the natural solution to flight allergies to dust mits. It's an electronic emitter of ultrasonic waves, that are totally inaudible to the ear of humans and pets, but can interfere with the life cycle of mites by inhibiting their ability to reproduce and / or on the allergens of the fecal pellets. The benefits are progressive and show up after about six weeks of continued use.Coverage60-80 m3. The high-frequency sounds cannot pass through walls or partitions, while the coverage may increase a lot with the bounce of sound on reflection objects such as mirrors. The energy consumption of the product is very low. Size6,5 x 3,5 cm
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 A biological trap created to protect vegetables, fruit and plants from the attack of slugs and snails.
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Each animal is created by skilled craftsmen by welding together separate coloured metal sections cut from entirely recycled 44 gallon metal drums and therefore no two are ever truly identical meaning you get your own unique work of art. Once finished the ornament is coated in a clear lacquer designed to slow the effects of the elements outside. However in time it will weather and age in style. • Indoor/outdoor use• Made from 100% recycled steel drums• Each piece hand made and unique• Lacquer finish but will age as steel does with the elements when outside SizeOUTSE11110: Medium - 65 x 60 x 64 cm
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Mole rat

Knock Off Mole Trap (galvanised)

Knock Off Mole trap (galvanised).
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