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Ox Horse Sheep

Sledgehammer Plastic

This sledge hammer is made of a unique mix of rubber and PP plastic. The rubber makes the sledge soft and offers a comfortable grip, and also ensures a better absorbtion of the shock than wood, when striking an object. than wood does.
from € 44,50

Grazing muzzle

These muzzles can be used in case your horse should loose some weight in order to prevent overweight or laminitis for example.
from € 39,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Birchmeier Sicherheitsventil 3 bar

Safety valve for the Birchmeier DR5 Powdersprayer.
€ 22,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Birchmeier Piston rings (per 6 pieces)

Set of 6 piston rings for the Birchmeier DR5 Powdersprayer.
€ 23,95
Ox Horse Sheep

Drinkbak All Animals 6 l stop los

Separate plug for drinking bowl All Animals.
€ 1,35

Equi C-lic

Ideal in case of a bloated feeling after the feeding.
€ 29,50

Equi Stable Air Spray

Applicable in horse stables to improve the air quality. 
€ 19,50

Hoof sock Tubbease

An excellent tool for treating injuries and diseases such as abscesses, thrush, thin soles, cracks and fissures and general deterioration of the hoof. 
from € 27,50

Hoof sock insert separate

To use in combination with the hoof sock.  
from € 13,95

Hay Slow Feeder 140 ltr Plastic

This slow feeder has a content of 130-140 litres, which corresponds to approx. 8 kilos of hay, dependent on how the hay is compressed.
€ 169,50
Horse Dog Cat

RelaxoPet PRO Bag

Nice sturdy bag, specifically made for use when travelling.
€ 14,95

RelaxoPet PRO Horse

Help your horse to relax optimally in stressful situations.
€ 99,50
Horse Dog Cat

ZoneGuard Energizer 10 km

Perfect for short distances and around the house to scare off wild animals, or in order to keep your pet close around the house.
€ 99,50
Ox Horse Sheep

ZoneGuard Energizer 20 km

The ZoneGuard Energizers are characterised by simplicity and reliability.
€ 119,50
Ox Horse Sheep

ZoneGuard Energizer 40 km

The absolute recommendation for horses!
€ 179,50
Ox Horse Sheep

ZoneGuard Energizer 80 km

Perfect for sheep, horses and cattle.
€ 199,50