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Glandex Powder
The powder with salmon taste promotes the digestion and supports a natural emptying of the anal glands.

Anal gland problems are a common problem in dogs and cats. 

Glandex Powder was created specifically for this problem. With each stool, a bit of content comes out of the anal glands and in this way the problems become less or disappear completely.

Signals of anal gland problems are among others:

-          Excessive licking of the rectum 

-          Your dog has difficulties when defecating

-          Your dog is scooting its bottom on the floor
-          Bad smells come from the anal glands 

Feed instructions per day

< 5 kg:     1/8 teaspoon per day (0.5 g)

5-10 kg:   1/4 teaspoon per day (1.0 g)

10-25 kg: 1/2 teaspoon per day (1.5 g)
25-35 kg: 3/4 teaspoon per day (2.5 g)

> 35 kg:   1 teaspoon per day (3.0 g)


Glandex Powder 114 g

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Description Glandex Powder 114 g
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