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Marten Stop Auto Ultrasonic & Shock
Protects your car against martens.


The double function of the device ensures an optimal protection of vital parts under the hood of your car.
1. Ultrasonic sound with variable frequencies between 23 en 27 kHz

Because of the changing frequency of the ultrasonic sound, habituation is prevented. For most people, the frequency is beyond the hearing treshold and does not effect any electronical equipment like pacemakers, garage door openers and remote control pads.
2. Electronic shock

In the engine compartment, 8 pieces of stainless steel plates are mounted on places sensitive to biting (tubes, hoses and wiring). In case of contact with the marten, a painful electric shock is released. 

Protection of battery
The system uses less than 13 mA and is protected against the discharging of the battery. When the battery is below 11.8 V, the device is automatically switched off. When switched off, the device
uses 0.1 mA.

Complete set exists of:

• 1 x Control box with built-in speaker and on/off switch
• 8 x stainless steel plates including fastening material
• 9 x little warning stickers
• 1 x big warning sticker
• 1 x big sticker with technical details

Attention: before the installation of the system, read all the instructions for use set out in the manual carefully.

Marten Stop Auto Ultrasonic & Shock

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Description Marten Stop Auto Ultrasonic & Shock
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