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For protection against rats, mice, fleas, signs, spiders and most creeping insects in stables, houses, garages and warehouses.

• Two speakers.
• Multiple frequencies possible.
• Efficacy observable after 72 hours (for rats: 2 weeks).
• Comes with adapter included.

Protected Area:
Max. 280 m2

Shreds insects and rodents from your home!

Pest Repel Mouse/Cr.insects/Rat

Rat Mouse Ant
Size 1 st
Article code PEST0006
Description Pest Repel Mouse/Cr.insects/Rat
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 42,95 / 1 st

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Rat Mouse

Olan MOUSEoff elek. defense (Mice)

Electronic Rodent repeller equipped with a microprocessor which permits a continuous and modulating ultrasonic emission, which disturbs the rodents acoustical nerves, causing them to leave. The continuous variation of the ultrasonic frequency prevents the rodents from getting used to the sound emitted by the repelling device, thereby preventing their return. The device is harmless for people and other animals and does not use any polluting chemical substances, thereby freeing the surroundings from rodents in an environmentally safe way. Ideal for cellars, garages, attics and gardens. CoverageEffective within 60-80 m3 Size11,2 x 7,4 x 4,7 cm
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Mouse Trap Farmer Metal

Mice trap made of farmer metal. Galvanized mouse trap!Very Affordable!
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Mole rat

Knock Off Mole Trap (zinc plated)

Fully galvanized mole trap with an extra strong spring.
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Bait station "Mice" with key

Rectangular bait station for mice. Lockable (comes with key) and made of durable and sturdy plastic. This makes the bait station perfectly usable in areas where people and other animals come. Child friendly! Size: L 12,5 x B 9,5 x H 4,5 cm
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Sheep Pig

Pete the Pig, Ewe the Sheep and the Ram

New from Think Outside's creator Aaron Jackson, the 'Mini' Ee-i-ee-i-o range of sculptures are perfect for indoors or the smaller garden or spaces and would make a wonderful gift. SizeOUTSE13130: Pig - 31 x 40 x 22 cmOUTSE13150: Ram - 32,5 x 39 x 25,5 cmOUTSE13160: Sheep - 31 x 40 x 25 cm
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Poultry Chicken

Roger the Rooster

Roger The Rooster is sure to add character and charm to any home or garden. Its quirky look will will be a focal point of interest & provoke discussion amongst your friends! This metal ornament is from Think Outside's ethically produced Ee-i-ee-i-o range. SizeOUTSE10310: Medium - 61 x 27 x 49 cmOUTSE10320: Large - 76 x 32 x 56 cm
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Life Trap Rat 65x17x20cm

Trap to catch rats!Created in collaboration with professionals!
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Knock Off Baitbox Mouse with key

Knock Off Baitbox with key.
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Rat Mouse

Feed box Aegis Rat with key

Very versatile feed box for rats! This box may be placed either vertically or horizontally. As the hinges are placed quite handy, the lid opens away from the wall, providing lots of handling space. If preferred, a date label could be placed on the inside of the lid whereas on top of the lid the correct warning sticker could be placed. Contains a double lock with drainage system. Draining holes are also located at the bottom of the feed box.
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Sid the Sheep

Sid the Sheep is sure to add character and charm to any home or garden. Its quirky look will will be a focal point of interest & provoke discussion amongst your friends! • Made from 100% recycled steel drums• Each piece hand made and unique• Lacquer finish but will age as steel does with the elements when outside SizeOUTSE10710: Small - 49 x 40 x 52 cmOUTSE10700: Large - 64 x 55 x 65 cm
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Pressure Sprayer Viva electric 7 ltr.

Pressure Sprayer for all the work.Unique sprayer for water, flying pesticides, plant protection, etc.
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The Black Power Mosquito Killer Plus

The Black Power Mosquito Killer Plus has a deathly attraction of UV-A light, powerfull sucking fan and a high voltage inner grid!It has a high suction power for optimal catch, is very silent and is maintenance-free thanks to the durable materials!Dimension: 25 x 23 x 9 cm
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