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Mole trap Farmer Super with chain

Captures the mole both in the mole tunnel as well as in the molehill!

The mole trap Farmer is the allround mole trap that can be placed both in the mole tunnel as well as in the molehill. This allows you to capture moles in any situation. When using the trap in the mole tunnel, it is advisable to use two traps. 


Very easy to apply, excellent catch results due to the storng spring.


The chain prevents the locking plate from being lost.

The mole trap is completely galvanised for a longer life span.

Placing the trap

First remove the mole hill before setting the trap. When a vertical hole arises, place the trap in closed position until the tipping point of the tensioning arms touches the ground. Tension the trap and at the same time move a little back and forth so the teeth can move freely. Keep the trap under tension and close the upper side of the mole tunnel with grass or ground. Place the locking plate as close as possible to the round eyes on the tension arms. The mole trap is now ready to catch.

When no hole is created when removing the molehill, it is regarding a horizontal tunnel. Dig out a pice of ground until the tunnel is visible. In this situation, 2 traps have to be used. Place 1 trap as far as possible in the left tunnel, put the trap on tension, close the tunnel with a little ground and place the locking plate. Repeat this for the tunnel on the right. Prevent soil from lying in front of the two locking plates so it will not influence a proper operation.


15.5 x 16 cm


Mole Trap Farmer Super with chain

Mole rat Quality Topseller
Size 1 st
Article code MOLL0005
Description Mole Trap Farmer Super with chain
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€ 12,50 / 1 st

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