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Poultry Parex is a 100% natural cleaning product for a healthy intestinal flora. Increases resistance, activates the immune system and contributes to a good digestion!
Supplementary feed for poultry, ducks, geese and other poultry.
Poultry Parex is a specially formulated herbal supplement to keep the intestinal flora and overall health in optimal condition.
Poultry Parex is composed of specific herbs to fully cleanse the body and gives a shiny coat.
Poultry Parex is very tasty. Mix with feed or give as treat.
Poultry Parex is based on natural ingredients with no chemical additives, ‘Pure Nature’ with only positive effects on health.
Why provide Poultry Parex?
• Contributes to a healthy stomach and intestinal hygiene.
• Creates a beautiful shiny coat.
• If it is provided daily, it provides continuous healthy intestinal balance and balanced intestinal flora.
• Has been used successfully for many years.
Optimal internal cleaning of the body and increases the resistance. Choose for ‘The Power of Nature’.
Feed instruction

For 3 consecutive days mixing with the feed. Repeat every month.

Chicken and duck: 2.5 g per day.
Goose and turkey: 5 g per day.
Dove: 1-1.5 g per day.
1 scoop is covers about 4 chickens.

Composition and labels
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Poultry Parex

Poultry Quality Perfect price, good quality Coat support Digestive support Health support Immune support Intestinal support
Size 250 g
Article code POUL003
Description Poultry Parex
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 14,95 / 250 g

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