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USB Rechargeable Safty Collar
With this collar, SAFETY comes first! Your dog is already visible from a great distance (350 meters), which can prevent accidents. In addition, the collar is easy to charge with an USB charger so you never have to replace batteries. The uniqueness of this collar is that it is ONE SIZE FITS ALL, which means that you can easily customize the collar to fit your dog. In addition, the collar is water resistant so your dog can safely take a dive.
This collar has 3 striking lighting modes
• Fast blinking
• Slowly blinking
• Constantly on
In America, the best-selling luminous collar because of its durability and quality.

• Visible at a great distance (350 meters)
• Fully water resistant
• One size fits all
• Easy to cut
• 3 striking lighting modes
• No batteries - USB rechargeable
Can be adjusted (by using scissors).
Original length
70 cm


USB Rechargeable Safety Collar Cat and Dog

Dog Cat Quality Perfect price, good quality Glow in the dark
Size 1 st
Article code PETS90125
Description USB Rechargeable Safety Collar Cat and Dog
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
This product is currently out of stock.
€ 17,50 / 1 st

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