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Chuckit Toys

Chuckit Toys


Chuckit Rope Fetch

3 ways to play: Kick it, tug it, throw it!
€ 24,20

Chuckit Whistle Flight

This unique fetch toy creates a continuous whistle sound as it flies through the air, so that your dog can easily localize this frisbee.
€ 15,75

Chuckit Ring Chaser Launcher

The unique ring with topspin causes this ring to bounce, zig, zag and hop on the ground just like a real game, engaging your dog's natural chase instincts.
€ 20,45

Chuckit Ultra Ring

The unique ring with topspin causes the ring to bounce, zig, zag and hop on the ground just like real game, engaging your dog's natural chase instincts.
€ 9,75

Chuckit Rugged Fetch Wheel

This item is made for rough play, it combines the durability of a rigid core and the added strength of durable TPR rubber on the outside, and helps your dog with easy pick up and grip!
€ 21,95

Chuckit Breathe Right Fetch Stick

Extend playtime with your dog with this durable stick. 
€ 15,50

Chuckit Ultra Ball

Natural rubber ball that bounces perfectly and is super durable! In addition, the Chuckit Ultra Ball is very easy to clean. Perfect for use in combination with the Chuckit Launchers!
from € 11,95

Chuckit Flying Squirrel

A far flung game of fetch! Here is one squirrel who won’t mind being chased down. Just grab him by a paw and throw like a flying disk. Remember to snap your wrist while throwing to give him a good spin. His spinning feet create visual excitement for you and your pet, and the raised sides make him easy to pick up!
from € 15,25

Chuckit Fetch Ball

High bounce, fun bright colours, easy to clean, natural rubber.Clearly visible and easy to clean!
from € 9,95

Chuckit The Whistler

Twitters ans whisles in flight, Easy to clean, Natural rubber.
from € 11,50

Chuckit Med Rebounce Ball 2 Pack

Natural rubber ball that bounces perfect and made ​​from recycled rubber.
€ 11,50

Chuckit Indoor Roller 12 cm

The toys for in your home!
€ 12,85

Chuckit Junior Ball Launcher Ass. 45 cm

Pint sized Chuckit Ball Launcher packs a punch!
€ 12,65

Chuckit Sport Ball Launcher

The Chuckit  Ball Launcher Sport is one sweet way to exercise your dog...without wearing out your arm. With the Chuckit  Ball Launcher Sport you can throw that ball out of the ballpark over and over again.
from € 10,10

Chuckit Tennis Ball Pack

Ready to Fetch! Give your dog something to jump for. Extra tennis balls that are high quality and designed for the game of fetch. 
from € 3,85

Chuckit Fanatic Tennis M 6 cm

Multipurpose tug, fetch, dog toy. Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere.
€ 10,25