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Knock Off Wasp Bait

This ready-to-use wasp attractant is composed of ingredients that in practice have proven to be succesful in attracting wasps. Flies also love this attractant. 
from € 3,95

Bait for wasp trap "Natural Control"

Refill bait for wasp trap.
€ 6,95
Hornet Wasp

Bijenbekje Spouw

Pests such as wasps and mice like to use the gaps in wall cavities. Weep hole screens ensure your cavity remains ventilated but free of pests. Height cavityBIJE005: 5 cmBIJE007: 7 cm
from € 2,35

Knock Off Wasp Protector

Keeps away wasps from your terrace.
€ 11,50

Wasp Trap Unique with attractant "Natural Control"

Wasp Trap Unique "Natural Control" is very suitable and effective.Perfect for use outside in the garden, patio, barn, stable, dunghill, compost heap, kennels and waste places.
€ 9,75
Rat Mouse Hornet Wasp

SpouwSafe 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 / 24 / 50 cm

SpouwSafe is a specially developed weep hole screen that can be easily placed in weep holes. Once SpouwSafe is placed it will be impossible to remove manually. Furthermore, SpouwSafe can be cut to size if necessary.  LengthSPOU005: 5 cmSPOU006: 6 cmSPOU007: 7 cmSPOU009: 9 cmSPOU025: 24 cmSPOU050: 50 cm
from € 14,95