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Slow feeder suited for hay and straw.

This slow feeder has a content of 130-140 litres, which corresponds to approx. 8 kilos of hay, dependent on how the hay is compressed. The steel grill is easy to open and to close.

Once the feeder is filled with hay, the horse will be able to amuse itself for hours so that stable boredom will be prevented. Also, no hay will be spread in order to prevent waste. 

The shape and placing of the feeder consider the natural eating position of the horse. Dust etc. will fall out of the holes in the bottom of the slow feeder which will have a positive effect to the respiratory system of the horse.

-       UV-protection to ensure a long life and durability of the product

-       Materials approved for food contact

-       Prevents stable boredom

-       Easy to fill

-       Stimulates a better digestion


11.7 kg


89 x 47 x 60 cm

Hay Slow Feeder 140 ltr Plastic

Horse New
Size 1 st
Article code HOOI0003M
Description Hay Slow Feeder 140 ltr Plastic
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 169,50 / 1 st

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