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Durable plastic mobile Hay Feeder!

  •    No mess, no waste, less work.
  •    Safe for horses and all grazing animals.
  •    Easy to install and move.
  •    Easy to clean.
  •    Slow feeding.
  •    Prevents stable boredom.
  •    Significant savings on purchasing hay.
  •    Innovative product made of durable plastic.
  •    Includes a strong hook.
  •    Easily to refill.
  •    No more broken hay nets.
  •    Lightweight.
  •    Safer than hay nets.
  •    Hay will remain dry due to the closed top.
  •    Friendly for the mouth .


The holes stimulate your grazer(s) to eat small amounts of hay, for optimum digestion and intestinal health.
33x50x60 cm

HOOI0003G: Hay Feeder
HOOI0003I: Hook


Hay Feeder plastic

Ox Horse Sheep Quality Topseller Durable
Size 1 st
Article code HOOI0003G
Description Hay Feeder plastic green 33x50x60cm
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 54,50 / 1 st
Size 1 st
Article code HOOI0003I
Description Hay Feeder snap hook loose
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
This product is currently out of stock.
€ 3,95 / 1 st

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