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Gloss Spray for tail and mane!
Choosing Hi Gloss, is choosing een superb quality product! Almost no other product in the world combines the 7 most important properties for a shiny and voluminous look. There is no better product for a competition, show or any other event, than Hi Gloss. Hi Gloss dries quickly, detangles fast, is easy combable, gives hair great volume, a wonderful shine, it does not attract dirt and has an non-sticky W/O water-oil formula, made with micronised silicones. All these properties and the fair, attractive price, will make Hi Gloss your favorite product.

This product will entirely fulfill your expectations!
A great succes both on national as well as international level!

All the benefits of Hi Gloss:
* Super detangler.

* Does not stick.
* For wet and dry hair.
* Braids remains possible.
* Invisible layer with long lasting effects.
* Freshness.
* Skin friendly.
* Dirt- and urine repellent 
* Hi Gloss "Show effect".
* Super combable.
* Gives extra volume.
* Feels soft as silk
* Magic effect.

Hi Gloss Spray can be combined perfect with Hi Gloss Gel.

Click here to take a look at our Hi Gloss Gel.

Composition and labels
Click here to view composition and labels.

Hi Gloss

Horse Quality Topseller Perfect price, good quality
Size 50 ml
Article code HIGL00060
Description Hi Gloss Spray Monster
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 3,45 / 50 ml
Size 250 ml
Article code HIGL00250
Description Hi Gloss Spray 250 ml
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 7,65 / 250 ml
Size 500 ml
Article code HIGL00500
Description Hi Gloss Spray
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 12,50 / 500 ml
Size 2,5 ltr
Article code HIGL02500
Description Hi-Gloss Refill packaging
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 37,50 / 2,5 ltr
Size 5 ltr
Article code HIGL02550
Description Hi-Gloss Refill packaging
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 69,50 / 5 ltr

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