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Black Garlic Bolus based on black garlic, ginseng and chicory.
Complementary feed for dairy cows promotes the natural immune system and supports good udder health. 

Feed instructions
2 boluses per animal.  In periods of increased demand, such as at drying off or calving, this could be repeated after 5 days.

Orally with a designated applicator.

Black garlic, ginseng, chicory and gelatin.


Cool and dry < 30°C.
Out of direct sunlight.
Close packaging after each use.

4 x 48 g


Composition and labels
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Black Garlic Bolus Cattle

Ox New
Size 4 st
Article code KNOF707
Description Black Garlic Bolus Cattle
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 6% VAT
€ 59,50 / 4 st

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