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Our bolus products are sold throughout animal health supply

trade and by veterinary surgeons. We have established

significant markets throughout Europe.Farmers are recognising

the benefits our boluses can bring to their livestock.

UNO GROW >> Spring Offer!

Farmers are using the boluses for a number of reasons:

Certain supply

With our boluses, you know that each animal is receiving a consistent supply of nutrients.

Variation of intake is a major issue with free access supplementation.

Sustained release

Our boluses give a genuinely sustained supply of nutrients, ensuring that animals are receiving

supplementation every minute of every day of the active life ot the product.

Labour saving

Once administered, our boluses save the time and cost put into daily feeding or checking the availability of free access products.

Cost effective

There is no waste with our boluses and cost compare very favourably with other forms ofsupplementation.

Boluses are designed to dissolve completely, leaving the reticulum free of any bolus residue.

Bolus Technology:

=> Resin skin controls release rate ensuring consistent daily supply of nutrients

=> Trace element matrix erodes and nutrients are released into the reticulum

=>Dissolve end-weight ensures bolus remains in reticulum. No residues left

UNO Grow

High amount of trace elements with essential Vit. B + High proportion Selenium & Vit E for young cattle!
Managing the trace element status of the herd over critical periods of the production cycle Excellent for Growing Youngstock, donor and recipient ET cattle. A twin bolus applicator is available which saves time and makes administration much easier

Sustained release bolus for Cattle

Managing the trace element status of the herd over critical periods of the production cycle.Trace element matrix erodes and nutrients are released into the reticulum. Dissolvable end-weight ensures bolus remains in reticulum. No residues left after active life.

=> Strong healthy calves => Enhanced growth rates in youngstock
=> Optimal development, resistance. => Optimise conception rates
=> Optimise general condition => Twin bolus gun means simple application
=> Essentials trace elements & Vitamins => Consistent supply over an
     extended period

The bolus can be administrated via the coloured rings in the inserter (27 mm).

What is a Mineral Bolus?
Advantages of the Mineral Bolus.
Scientifically Examined
Comparison Mineral boluses
Why provide a mineral bolus instead of powder minerals?
Small changes in the diet has large effect on the 
fertility of dairy cows.

Mineral Boluses in combination with the Repidose Bolus

Pack size 
20 boluses 

Composition and labels
Click here to view composition and labels.

Ferti Grow Calf

Ox Quality Topseller Made in Europe DCD
Size 1 st
Article code FERT0003
Description Ferti Grow Calf
Min. order quantity 10 s
Order per 10 s
Price incl. 9% VAT
This product is currently out of stock.
€ 6,15 / 1 st

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