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Cow Drench E
Cow Drench product for dairy cattle that reduces the risk of ketosis and provides a boost for weak or slow cows. It also stimulates rumen activity. Contains a combination of  propylene glycol, pharmaceutical glycerine and yeast. Complimentary feed  (diet feed) for individual application to dairy,- and or suckling cows.


Cow Drench E is the ideal combination of energy sources and yeast.


Benefits of using Cow Drench E:

• Immediate energy source
• Improved  energy balance
• Increased blood glucose level 
• Reduced BHB level.
• Stimulates rumen activity
• Fast increase  of rumen flora


1 kg Cow Drench E offers 24 MJ net energy.


Feeding advice:  Dissolve  1 kg Cow Drench E in 20 ltr. lukewarm water. Drench the solution by using Cow Drencher (COWD000)  or  Drench Mate (DREN0300). If necessary repeat this dosage after 24 and  48 hours.


Composition and labels
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Cow Drench "E"

Ox Quality
Size 1 kg
Article code COWD001
Description Cow Drench "E"
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 9% VAT
€ 14,95 / 1 kg
Size 5 kg
Article code COWD002
Description Cow Drench "E"
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 9% VAT
€ 50,95 / 5 kg

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