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Bicarbonate pill for calves.
Complementary feed (diet feed) to stabilize the water- and electrolyte balance to support the physological digestion.

What does the D-Bolus do > induces the 'drinking' appetite for calves with diarrhea.

D-Bolus (Bicarbonte pill)

Highest portion of bicarbonate (10 g = 10% more than comparable pills).

Fastest availability (approx. 5 minutes), so faster absorption and therefore a faster result.

Advised by veterinarians.

Better 'drinking' appetite for calves with diarrhea.

Why D-Bolus
Calves with diarrhea have a increasingly inferior drinking appetite. The drinking appetite will disappear because calves suffer from acidification (acidosis). Calves will drink worse and worse with as a result they become weaker and weaker and eventually, they will die. 

D-Bolus is the solution.
D-Bolus improves the drinking apetite.
D-Bolus is the diet feed which is applicable in case of digestive disorders or the risk of digestive disorders.
D-Bolus consists of specially selected bicarbonate which ensures a good 'acid-base' balance in the calf.
D-Bolus is ready for use and because of the design easy to distribute by using a pill-shooter. 

Feed advice
D-Bolus immediately supports the drinking appetite and the preservation of a normal acidity (PH) in the calf.

Cause: the calf will drink quicker and will recover much faster.

1 D-Bolus per calf at the first signs of digestive disorders.
Then distribute 1 D-Bolus for every feed during 1-2 days.

The calf must have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Orally with the bolus-shooter PILL0002 (not included).

Composition and labels
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D-Bolus (Bicarbonate pill)

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Description D-Bolus (Bicarbonate pill)
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