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Calcium Bolus Gold
Bolus to reduce the risk of milk fever during the calving period. The only bolus with endogenous calcium.
Contains a combination of: Calcium and dextrose. 

Complementary feed (diet food) for cattle.
Why a Calcium bolus:
Many cows tend to get milk fever, caused by an acute shortage of calcium in the blood occurring shortly before or after calving.
Why choose a bolus based on Calcium Propionate?
It is important to know that there are different types of calcium available on the market. Some offer an immediate boost to the calcium level, but then very quickly show a decrease in calcium level. Other types start off slowly but maintain a much more consistent line with a better result for the animal. This becomes evident in the chart below.

Calcium Chloride:     Provides a powerful and immediate release, but drops rapidly.
Calcium Propionate: Provides a moderate immediate release and has a long steady release.
Calcium Carbonate:   Provides a low immediate release, and the calcium level rises steadily.
The Calcium Bolus Gold features Calcium Propionate in combination with a gelatinous capsule. Because calcium propionate is an endogenous substance (as opposed to calcium chloride), it has no burning properties and will be absorbed super fast. As described above, it also has a further stable and long lasting effect. In short, the Calcium Bolus Gold is the perfect choice for any dairy farmer who wants to reduce the risk of milk fever to a minimum.

Advantages of Calcium bolus gold:
• Easy to administer
• Wide-Spectrum (fast and long acting), calcium supplement.
• Rapid absorption in the rumen fluid.
• No irritation to the esophagus and stomach.
• No risk of choking and / or lung damage.
Feed instruction:
1. Calcium Bolus Gold 12-24 hours before calving.
2. Calcium Bolus Gold immediately after calving.
3. Calcium Bolus Gold 10-12 hours after calving.
4. Calcium Bolus Gold 24 hours after calving.
To provide additional calcium to cows that have received treatment (injection) for milk fever:
1. Calcium Bolus Gold 2 hours after a calcium injection
2. Calcium Bolus Gold 12 hours after a calcium injection
The bolus can be administrated via the white rings in the inserter (36 mm).

5+1 Bolus


Composition and labels
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Calcium Bolus Gold

Ox Quality Topseller
Size 4 st
Article code CALC05018
Description Calcium Bolus Gold
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 9% VAT
Price per bolus € 4,99
€ 19,95 / 4 st
Size 12 st
Article code CALC05019
Description Calcium Bolus Gold
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 9% VAT
Price per bolus € 4,96
€ 59,50 / 12 st

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