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Bi-pH Bolus (bicarbonate Bolus)

Bicarbonate bolus reduces the risk of acidosis. Contains advanced bicarbonate for a rapid increase of the rumen pH-value. Both curative and preventive use. Especially for high yielding cows.
€ 19,95

IV-set with funnel incl.IV-needle

IV-set with funnel incl.IV-needle.
€ 15,50

D-Bolus (Bicarbonate pill)

Bicarbonate pill for calves. Increases the 'drinking' appetite!
€ 24,00
€ 19,95

Colostrum measuring device (Refracto)

Colostrum measuring device, for an accurate and rapid determination of the colostrum quality.
€ 59,50
Ox Sheep Chicken Dove

Licosan Forte (All Animals)

The complete all-in-one preparation rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and aminoacids.
from € 22,50

Eat Slow Live Longer Tumble Feeder Grey

Quickly and rushed eating, gobbling, can lead to torsion of the stomach. Symptoms of a stomach torsion are: Increased saliva production, the expansion of the abdominal cavity and false vomiting. In addition, the dog gets too much air inside when he gobbles, this leads to flatulence.Sizeø 20,5 cm
€ 14,95

Garlic Black&White Powder EU

Garlic Black & White Powder is a powerful combination of black and white garlic with mint flavour, which promotes the natural immune system.
from € 24,50


Diton is a unique product. By providing Diton the risk of ketosis will be eliminated after three days. Diton has been a long time favourite for both cattle farmers and experts. Contains a combination of: Glycerin (pharmaceutical), dextrose, potassium, cobalt, niacin, folic acid, white. B12, calcium propionate.
from € 47,50

Ener Bolus

Reduces the risk of Ketosis “Energy Booster”
from € 24,50

Catnip Spray

Irresistible!Catnip Spray is made of concentrated catnip oil for maximum pleasure. Catnip Spray is a tasty herb that gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
€ 7,50


For calves in case of risk of digestive disorders (diarrhea). Quickly resolves digestive disorders and prevents backlash in growth. Reliable and effective for years. 
€ 49,50
€ 44,50

Ketosis test Porta BHB

Check the presence of ketosis within 1 minute!
€ 52,50