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Whiskers the Cat is sure to add character and charm to any home or garden. Its quirky look will be a focal point of interest & provoke discussion amongst your friends! • Indoor/outdoor use• Made from 100% recycled steel drums• Each piece hand made and unique• Lacquer finish but will age as steel does with the elements when outside SizeOUTSE11400: Small - 51 x 34 x 52 cmOUTSE11410: Medium - 62 x 37 x 56 cm
from € 255,00

Knock Off Clothes Moth Trap Delta

Clothes moth trap based on special pheromones.
€ 4,55
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off Fly Tape Replacement Roll 400 m

Knock Off fly tape, replacement roll. This role contains 400 meters of fly tape, which thanks to the yellow colour attracts up to 35% more flies. Non-toxic.
€ 21,95

Knock Off Window Fly Trap

Ideal for trapping fruit flies and house flies.
€ 2,50

Knock Off Pantry Moth Trap Flat

Pantry moth trap based on special pheromones.
€ 3,20

Insect Monitoring Trap

Plastic insect monitoring trap to monitor and trap crawling insects like cockroaches in combination with Insect Monitoring Glue Pads (INSE13729). This monitoring trap makes it possible to set up a monitoring system in a damp area. The glue pad can easily be swapped with the unique lifting system.
€ 0,61
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Low Coffee Table and Lounger

With there being such a strong following for Aaron’s unique style and use of recycled drums, adding furniture to the range was almost a necessity to keep the followers of this range happy. From lounging about to dining with friends ee-i-ee-i-o has you covered. All the tables in this range come flat packed and are easy to assemble. SizeOUTSE40201: Low Table - 38 x 70 x 70 cmOUTSE40210: Low Lounger - 66 x 66 x 61 cm
from € 239,50
Dog Cat Rodents

Kitty the Cat, Danny the Dog & Ringo the Rabbit

New from Think Outside's creator Aaron Jackson, the 'Mini' Ee-i-ee-i-o range of sculptures are perfect for indoors or the smaller garden or spaces and would make a wonderful gift. SizeOUTSE13110: Cat - 36,5 x 38 x 27 cmOUTSE13120: Dog - 38 x 36 x 23 cmOUTSE13140: Rabbit - 52 x 24 x 23,5 cm
from € 97,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Outside Butterfly

Designed as an electrical light shade or for a candle or just as a beautiful sphere shape for a shelf or landscape. Hand crafted from mild steel and finished in a durable pre aged rust style, which will continue to age gracefully over time. Hanging Kit Sold Separately. Suitable for both inside or outside locations. Butterfly Sphere can used as a sculpture or an outdoor lighting feature (please add lighting kit if you would like this to be used as a light). SizeOUTSE16140: Small - 66 cm ø 32 cmOUTSE16150: Large - 86 cm ø 52 cm
from € 335,00

Mesto Cleaner 1,5 liter

Handheld pressure sprayer with filling scale. Very versatile. The pump contains a plastic jacket wand to protect the non-return valve . Ergonomical lever. Seals: FPM (Viton®)Filling content: 1,5 literPressure: 3 barApplication: pH 1 – 9* *) Always read the instruction manual of the sprayer and the productinformation of the product you are processing.
€ 23,95

Knock Off Silverfish Trap Delta

Ideal for trapping silverfish and gray silverfish. 
€ 2,95

Life Trap Rat 65x17x20cm

Trap to catch rats!Created in collaboration with professionals!
€ 37,50