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Kong Knots Tugger Frog Small/Medium

The Kong Tugger Knots is a toy with knottes ropes on the inside.
€ 11,35
Ox Horse Dog Cat

Skin Derm for wound and skin

Skin Derm supports the recovering ability of the skin!Wound Ointment incl vit. A & vit. D!
€ 9,95

Luckys Boneyard (60 pcs)

In case you want to give your dog something else for a change. Collection box with 60 joyful toys, ideal for puppies. Content60 pieces
€ 149,50

Giant Tuff Ball

With a diameten of no less then 15 cm we truly mean "MEGA" in the name "Mega Tuff Ball" The thick natural rubber shell ensures that Mega Tuff Ball is super durable.
from € 5,20

Twisted Monster 50cm Rope w/ TPR Handle w/ TPR Bite Zone

Pull, play and quality, that's what this floss toy is all about! It contains TPR rubber and durable floss rope which cleans the dog's teeth.
€ 14,95

Mini Total

Mini Total is both a treat as well as a complete dog food for all adult dogs. Mini Total is wheat and gluten free and is rich in vitamins and minerals.
from € 6,95

Tuff Ball Tug

This dog toy is made out of floss rope and durable Pet Sport USA Tennis Ball. It also cleans your dog's teeth!
from € 4,45
Dog Cat

Crazer laser 5mW Class 3R

Petsport Crazer Laser Light Show Toy is much more than your average laser pen - it is a special pen designed to challenge your pets. The neat design of this compact black laser pen has a stylish finish and is small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.The most unique aspect of this laser pen is that it has various settings that distort the laser beam causing it to never be the same. The unique gyro laser technology that this laser pen holds allows you to create different laser shapes simply by turning the button (4). Size:9 cm
€ 8,15

Dog Toy Unicorn with Squeaky

Dog toy made of soft plush with a squeaker inside.
€ 6,80

Totally Grainless Fresh Mint

Helps mechanically clean teeth, remove tartar and massage gums better than other dental treats.
from € 4,95

Totally Grainless S/M/L Chicken Cranberry Soft Chew

A soft chew treat that’s perfect for adult and senior dogs of any size.
€ 4,95

Triple Tex Knot

The PetSport Triple Tex is made by braiding together three types of eco-friendly rope: cotton, jute, and jersey. This toy looks heavy, but it's very lightweight and easy to toss. Promotes clean and healthy teeth and gums.SizePETS80020: 32 cmPETS80025: 46 cm
from € 3,25