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Ballistol Universal Oil Spray

Ballistol Spray Oil protects and lubricates all kind of materials such as metal, plastics, rubber, leather and wood. It cleanses, lubricates and protects against corrosion and rust. It does not resinify, and dissolves fat, tar, dirt and glue. The only one of its kind with this versatility!A very unique lubricant- unequalled for more than 110 years! 
from € 3,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Lubricating gel in Standing & Hanging tube

Tested and recommended by vets! Colourless, almost odourless and mild lubricant.
€ 4,25

Sheep Claw Knife (Herring Jaw) Classic

The classic sheep claw knife. Claw care is essential for the health of your sheep.
€ 4,50
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Klauw Pro Spray

Is applicable to take care of claws and hooves. Thanks to its unique properties, the adhesion of the spray is excellent. Klau Pro Spray forms an elastic protective film on the treated surface. The application is clearly visible due to its black colour.
€ 13,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Lubricating Cream Standing & Hanging Tube

Colourless and nearly odorless and mild lubricant. Ideal for giving birth and internal investigations.Content500 ml
€ 12,75
Ox Sheep

Udder Balm Maxi Stand- / Hangbottle

A fat-free cream for optimal care of hands, feet and face, but also udders of cattle, sheep and goats. 
€ 4,95

Colstart Plus 25 gram

The affordable colostrum which dissolves perfectly and is very tasty.
€ 39,95
€ 34,50

Lamb savior Valve Rubber black

A rubber part for the Lamb Rescuer Respiration Pump.
€ 19,95

Lamb savior Small Black Rubber Diaphragm

A Small black rubber part for the Lamb Rescuer Respiration Pump (LAMM8050).
€ 32,50

Claw Clipper Sheep Dutch

Sheep’s hooves grow about 4-5 mm a month. Natural abrasion is not enough, and the hooves have to be trimmed. Our scissor makes the work easier and gentler for animal and owner. 
€ 19,95

Lamb savior Yellow Valve for Aspirator

Spare rubber part (Yellow) for Lamb rescuer respiration pump (LAMM8050).
€ 24,50