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Lamp UV-A Shatterproof

Powerful UV-A fly lamp equipped with a strong coating with excellent UV-transfer. In case of fraction, the glass particles will not spread because of the coating (shatterproof). The UVA-lamps need to be replaced annually. Electrical power and brandVLIE0001IBD: 15W - PhilipsVLIE0001IBF: 20W - SylvaniaVLIE0001IBK: 40W - Sylvania DimensionsVLIE0001IBD: 45 cm (T8) 18''VLIE0001IBF: 60 cm (T12) 24''VLIE0001IBK: 60 cm (T12) 24''
from € 7,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Feed Scoop Plus Bucket Model

Solid plastic feed scoop bucket model. The inside contains a measurement scale.
from € 4,35
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Fly

Knock Off Fly Tape complete 400 m

Knock Off complete set incl. 400 meters of fly tape, which thanks to its yellow colour attracts up to 35% more flies! Non-toxic. 
€ 42,50

Maxi Udder & Skin Cream

Maxi Udder & Skin Cream is a deep penetrating udder balm to support blood circulation. Maxi Udder & Skin Cream supports the natural immune system of the udder. Maxi Udder & Skin Cream is well suited to support an intra-mammary preparation.
€ 27,50

Knock Off Fly Roll Yellow

Fly roll, which thanks to its yellow colour attracts up to 35% more flies! 
€ 12,95

Teat cannula plastic single

keep open the teat canal.
€ 6,45

Bi-pH Bolus (Bicarbonat Bolus)

Bicarbonate bolus reduces the risk of acidosis. Contains advanced bicarbonate for a rapid increase of the rumen pH-value. Both curative and preventive use. Especially for high yielding cows.
€ 19,95

Knock Off Window Fly Trap

Ideal for trapping fruit flies and house flies.
€ 2,50

Knock Off Fly Roll 7 White

White adhesive roll to catch flies with. 
€ 12,95

Zwarte Knoflook Bolus plus Rund

Black Garlic Bolus based on black garlic, ginseng and chicory.
€ 59,50

Whisk Stainless steel

The classic tool for beating and mixing.
€ 12,70

Bronchi Block

Bronchi Block is supplementary feed for calves and lambs. A natural supplement to support the bronchial functions and allows the calf / lamb to breathe freely. Bronchi Block also supports the resistance of the newborn animal.
from € 14,95