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D-Bolus (Bicarbonate pill)

Bicarbonate pill “drinking boost” * Bicarbonate bolus to reduce the acidification by calves with diarrhea. * Increases “drinking” appetite.* Prevention dehydration* Improves the health of newborn calves.* Ready to use bolus  
€ 24,00
Ox Sheep

Udder Balm Maxi Stand- / Hangbottle

A fat-free cream for optimal care of hands, feet and face, but also udders of cattle, sheep and goats. 
€ 4,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Drukspuit Carry Master packaging

Hose for Pressure Sprayer Carry. Length180 cm
€ 5,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Lubricating Cream Standing & Hanging Tube

Colourless and nearly odorless and mild lubricant. Ideal for giving birth and internal investigations.Content500 ml
€ 12,75

Gold Mint Stand- Hangtube

"The GOLDEN formula". Gold coloured Peppermint gel with a soothing and nurturing effect on the udder (quarters). Does not contain antibiotics and has no waiting time!
from € 8,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Clipper Oil for all

Best quality! Universal use for optimal lubrication of your clippers!
€ 4,95

Drukspuit 2LTR.

The ideal sprayer for all common work with a modern twist.
from € 12,50

Whisk Stainless steel

The classic tool for beating and mixing.
€ 12,70

Bronchi Block

Bronchi Block is supplementary feed for calves and lambs. A natural supplement to support the bronchial functions and allows the calf / lamb to breathe freely. Bronchi Block also supports the resistance of the newborn animal.
from € 14,95
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Klauw Pro Spray

Is applicable to take care of claws and hooves. Thanks to its unique properties, the adhesion of the spray is excellent. Klau Pro Spray forms an elastic protective film on the treated surface. The application is clearly visible due to its black colour.
€ 13,95

Constanta 2 B+O blade cow 21/19 no.70

Constanta 2 B+O Blade Cow 21/19 no.70
€ 49,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Lubricating gel in Standing & Hanging tube

Tested and recommended by vets! Colourless, almost odourless and mild lubricant.
€ 4,25