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General Information

Holland Animal Care

A leading Dutch one-stop shop distributor in animal products.
Based in the east of the Netherlands, Holland Animal Care distributes products in more than 40 countries.

Distributor and Producer
Founded in 1987 by Gerbert Hofman as a company specialising in medicine and supplements for cattle, Holland Animal Care has now grown into an international business with 70 employees, distributing more than 8000 products in more than 40 countries. In the early years of the company, the products were only related to cows, sheep, horses and agricultural products. In 2003 the company introduced the first items for dogs, cats and other small animals. Entering the pet market was a very conscious decision, despite the competition already being quite fierce. That is why Holland Animal Care decided to invent its own ’niche’ and introduce products of very high quality standards. At present, all major brands such as Kong, JW, Chuckit, Jolly, Dog Comets, Country Dog etc. are available.

Recently, in October 2017 a completely new line of dog toys has been introduced, providing a 100% guarantee for customers. Should a dog destroy one of the toys, the customer will immediately receive a new product. This does not only reflect the quality standard of the company, but also its values in customer satisfaction.

As the original clients of the business were farmers, building healthy relationships with its customers, has always been the core of the business. Throughout Europe, a team of 20 sales representatives travel out to all customers, providing all necessary information about products and services.

Feed supplements
Apart from its distribution branch, Holland Animal Care also produces feed supplements at its own facilities in Enter, adhering to the strictest hygiene standards (GMP+ HACCP). Supplements and care products are produced under the own label ‘Excellent’ or under several private labels throughout Europe. A special team of employees each day are responsible for not only the production of these products, but also for the relevant Quality Control and adequate labelling.

Everything is done under just one roof, making Holland Animal Care a unique player in the international market in animal care products for not only pets, but also for horses, cows, sheep, pigs and rodents. A whole range of products is ready to be ordered with just one mouse click.

Agricultural dealers, equine stores, pet shops and veterinarians order directly online at www.hollandanimalcare.com. The website is easy to use and offers competitive prices - not only for all major brand products, but also for its own supplements. Furthermore, it shows all novelties in the market, information on laws and regulations, tested products and much more. Basically the website is not just about ordering products, it is a full stop service portal!

Holland Animal Care also introduced Smartshipping. Should a dealer want to order a product for one of his customers and at that point in time does not have it in stock, it will be sent to the consumer on the same day in the dealer’s name. This service covers the entire European continent! This way the benefits of online and offline purchases come together to provide the best customer experiences for both consumer as well as dealers. A unique win-win situation!

In the end , what it comes down to for Holland Animal Care is providing the best quality on offer in combination with great customer satisfaction. Because of this philosophy this family business has now grown into a modern, innovative global business as one of the leading distributors and producers in Europe. 2019 will bring Holland Animal Care to all major trade fairs, such as Zoomark, Iberzoo+ Propet, Dibevo, Eurotier and Spoga . The company has also moved to a new office building, three times its size as the former building. This one-stop shop distributor is ready for the future!


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