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Cattle weaner SuckStop

This revolutionary new cattle weaner corrects the sucking animal without irritating or scaring off other animals. 
from € 7,50

Birrdeeez Sekelbos Rope Stick RT1

Cheer up your bird's cage with this colourful bird game. Contains sicklebush (wood) and brightly colored strings. Easy to attach to the cage with a carabiner. Length17,5 cm Target animalLittle birds, parakeets and birds alike.
€ 3,60
Ox Horse

ZoneGuard plastic post 155cm white

For all conventional tapes, polywires, ropes and wires.
€ 3,75

Tow sling 4 metres up to 35 tons

The most perfect tow sling with a huge strength, suited for the towing of heavy wheeled vehicles such as trucks or machinery.
€ 59,50

Wubba Finz

The floppy tail of this fish is ideal for games of tugging and trashing with your dog.
from € 16,15

Trap for live catch rat multi catch

The cage is made of durable materials for a long lifespan.
€ 19,95

RelaxoPet PRO Dog

Help your dog to relax optimally in stressful situations.
€ 74,50

Poultry Parex

Increases resistance, activates the immune system and contributes to a good digestion!
€ 14,95

Birrdeeez Jumbo Macaw #2 sekelbos & Chain

This brightly coloured toy of wood has many bells, pieces of wood and rings. This perch can be placed anywhere in the cage and is easy to confirm. Length: 50 cmTarget animal: parrots and ara's
€ 28,75

Signature Ball Md EU Bulk

Dogs that are driven to fetch will delight in play sessions.
€ 6,35

Birrdeeez Mineral Carnival Rope

Large climb- and play rope. Contributes to the maintenance of your bird's paws and beak. This toy is easy to attach with a carabiner. Contains mineral balls, cylinders with sand structure, rope and a pretty bell for extra fun.Mineral ballsThe mineral balls consist of a mixture of gypsum, calcium, grit, salt and food grade dye. Calcium and grit will ensure good digestion and keep beak and paws in shape. SizeBIRDBT3154Length: 42 cmDiameter mineraal ballen: ø 4,5 cm BIRDBR3007Length: 55 cmDiameter mineraal bal: ø 7 cm Target animalParakeets, parrots and ara's Comes in assorted colour.
from € 7,35
Horse Dog Cat

RelaxoPet PRO Bag

Nice sturdy bag, specifically made for use when travelling.
€ 14,95