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Catnip Bal Mouse look

This tennis ball looks like a real mouse. Because of the real rabbit fur and the catnip, this tennis ball brings out the hunting instinct in your cat. For years this has been one of the best sold cat toys of Pet Sport.  DimensionBall: ø 4 cmLength: 12 cm
€ 4,15

Chuckit Ring Chaser Launcher

The unique ring with topspin causes this ring to bounce, zig, zag and hop on the ground just like a real game, engaging your dog's natural chase instincts.
€ 20,45

Ice Protect Rugbe Winter blanket 300 Dark brown/red

The ideal winter blanket for cold, wet autumn and winter days.
from € 79,50

Fetch Me Fido

Made from safe materials that are harmless to your pet. The extra thick natural rubber walls provide durabilty. Size:PETS70006: ball diameter ⌀ 5 cmPETS70000: ball diameter ⌀ 6,5 cm
from € 3,40

Dog Comets Star Shooter Orange

This launcher will throw the ball 3 times further than you can manually.
€ 29,95

Rattle Tails

Cats love hunting and catching their prey. The Rattle Tails fulfills this desire. Durable rattling ball. Size:Diameter bal: 4 cmTotal length: ca. 12 cm
€ 1,70

Seat belt adapter

A practical way to safely secure your dog in the car.
from € 7,70

Catalogue Horse German 2018

€ 0,01

Black Garlic Bolus Calf

Complementary feed for calves. Contains antioxidants to support the health and promotes the natural immune system.
€ 24,50

Kong Knots Tugger Moose Medium/Large

The Kong Tugger Knots is a toy with knottes ropes on the inside.
€ 14,75

Quattro Calf Diarrhoea Tester

The Quattro Calf Diarrhoea Tester offers the possibility to test in a quick, simple and reliable (see table 1) way whether you have to deal with the most common pathogens of diarrhoea: Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E. coli K99 and Cryptosporidium parvum.
€ 22,50
€ 19,50

Tuff Ball Tug

This dog toy is made out of floss rope and durable Pet Sport USA Tennis Ball. It also cleans your dog's teeth!
from € 5,75