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Lamp UV-A Shatterproof

Powerful UV-A fly lamp equipped with a strong coating with excellent UV-transfer. In case of fraction, the glass particles will not spread because of the coating (shatterproof). The UVA-lamps need to be replaced annually. Electrical power and brandVLIE0001IBD: 15W - PhilipsVLIE0001IBF: 20W - SylvaniaVLIE0001IBK: 40W - Sylvania DimensionsVLIE0001IBD: 45 cm (T8) 18''VLIE0001IBF: 60 cm (T12) 24''VLIE0001IBK: 60 cm (T12) 24''
from € 7,95

Billy Bronco

Billy Bronco is a incredibly huggable plush cow. Billy Bronco contains a squaker. Suitable for playing fetch.Size: 30 cm
from € 8,65

Kat Fishin Wand Mouse

Cats are playful animals so it's wise to buy toys for them. With this wand you and your cat can play together. When playing with your cat, one of the advantages is that you create a bond with him/her.  Size:Wand: 41cm Total: 94cm (unstretched)
€ 7,20

Loofah Buddy assorti

Completely eco-friendly toy with squeaker inside.
€ 12,60
Dog Cat

Urine Control Spray

The strong approach to remove urine stains and urine smell.
from € 6,95

Bedwants Monitor with pheromone

One of the few bedwant traps with a pheromone.
€ 99,00


For calves in case of risk of digestive disorders (diarrhea). Quickly resolves digestive disorders and prevents backlash in growth. Reliable and effective for years. 
€ 49,50
€ 44,50

Grumpy Cat Marabou Cat Wand

This wand is provided with wonderfully soft plush making it irresistible for cats.
€ 5,95

TBP Vliegenlamp los

Spare fly lamp for the Knock Off Line.
from € 3,95

Marine Critter assorti

Cute marine critter cuddly toys with squeaker.
€ 8,10

Sheldon Sheep

Sheldon sheep is a incredibly huggable plush sheep with a woolly fur. Sheldon Sheep contains a squeaker. Suitable for playing fetch. Size:18 cm
from € 7,65

Eat Slow Live Longer Tumble Feeder Pink

Quickly and rushed eating, gobbling, can lead to torsion of the stomach. Symptoms of a stomach torsion are: Increased saliva production, the expansion of the abdominal cavity and false vomiting. In addition, the dog gets too much air inside when he gobbles, this leads to flatulence.  Sizeø 20 cm
€ 14,95