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Dog Cat

Petmate 2 Door Top Load Kennel XS White

Bring your friends everywhere in total security. For animals lighter than 4.5kg.Size: 49,2 x 32,5 x 25,4
€ 38,65
Ox Sheep Dog

Outside Planter

This eclectic range of hand made sculptures is full of fun and character. 100% derived from 44 Gallon drums it gives a fresh new look to recycling. As these have been hand made, colour variations will occur - which means you will have one of a kind! SizeOUTSE10150: Cow - 59 x 71 x 41,5 cmOUTSE10260: Bull - 73 x 71,5 x 40 cmOUTSE11160: Goat - 82 x 73 x 41 cmOUTSE11260: Dog - 50 x 76,5 x 31 cm
from € 345,00

JW Butterfly with Tail

Produces a strong aroma that drives cats crazy for hours of stimulating play!
€ 4,85
Ox Horse Sheep Pig Dog Cat

Outside Butterfly

Designed as an electrical light shade or for a candle or just as a beautiful sphere shape for a shelf or landscape. Hand crafted from mild steel and finished in a durable pre aged rust style, which will continue to age gracefully over time. Hanging Kit Sold Separately. Suitable for both inside or outside locations. Butterfly Sphere can used as a sculpture or an outdoor lighting feature (please add lighting kit if you would like this to be used as a light). SizeOUTSE16140: Small - 66 cm ø 32 cmOUTSE16150: Large - 86 cm ø 52 cm
from € 335,00
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Hoek isolator van porselein 40 mm

Strong insulator porcelain, easy to assemble. 
from € 0,60
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Mesto Fix Plus “Cleaning Vinegar” Service Kit EPDM

EPDM service kit  for Mesto Fix Plus “Cleaning Vinegar” 5 litre (MEST3237FE).
€ 28,60

Monster 3 Knot Cotton Rope 55 cm

Pull, play and quality, that's what this floss toy is all about! It contains extra strong durable floss rope which cleans the dog's teeth.
€ 13,50

JW Activitoy Tilt Wheel

Let your bird have fun with the dual rotating double sided mirrors.
€ 4,60

Chuckit Max Glow Roller Small

It is now possible to play with your dog any time of the day. Whether in morning, afternoon, evening, winter or summer!Chuckit LIGHT PLAY combines highly visible material with "glow in the dark" rubber. 
€ 17,50

JW Activitoy Bell Hour Glass Mirror

Activitoys Hour Glass Mirror Small Bird Toy. Designed for a bird’s well-being.
€ 5,10

Knot Cotton Rope

Very strong dog toys made of rope. Also cleans your dog's teeth.
from € 1,95

JW Activitoy Fancy Mirro

Attractive and delightful toy that will add style to any cage.
€ 2,70