Cucciolotta Chicken Coops


Cucciolotta Chicken Coops

After years of research, Cucciolotta has developed the durable and extremely strong Polly and Classic chicken coops. They are not only an example of beautiful Italian design, but are also made to withstand all weather conditions. The base of the chicken coops is made of HPL panels. These panels are not only environmentally friendly, but also made of multiple layers of paper or wood fibre, which are pressed together with two top layers and resin into one panel. This makes the panels extremely strong, very hygienic and scratch-proof. Due to the laminated top layer, the chicken coops are easily and quickly cleaned with just a little water. Also, odours and dirt do not penetrate into the material and it repels parasites such as red blood lice. 


"Choose quality with a Cucciolotta chicken coop!"


Snel in elkaar te zetten

When developing the chicken coops, considerable effort was given to the placement of the coops. All chicken coops can be assembled in no time, without the use of any tools. The parts can easily be clicked together and are just as easy to disassemble. The chicken coop is placed on 50 cm stilts to provide a hiding place for the chickens during rainy weather. Each chicken coop also has several perches and nesting areas. Thanks to the handy pull-out drawer, it is very easy to clean the chicken coop. With a range of designs and sizes, you will be able to find the perfect chicken coop style. 




           A Cucciolotta chicken coop:

           Is made of extremely strong, solid and durable HPL material

          Offers all-weather resistance

          Features a removable roof and handy pull-out drawer, making cleaning a                           piece of cake

          Provides a safe and warm place to stay and, thanks to its height, room to                           hide as well

          Resistant to pests, such as red blood lice and will not absorb any odours or                       dirt


Please find below all Cucciolotta chicken coops in our range. Also available in our product range are Cucciolotta dog houses