Cucciolotta Classic Dog House


Cucciolotta Classic Doghouse

The Classic doghouses by Cucciolotta are the result of years of research and offer a thoughtful, innovative and sleek Italian design for dogs. The design starts with the use of waterproof HPL plates, which are made of multiple layers. They feature unique properties, making the material scratch resistant, as well as providing perfect thermal insulation and a waterproof place for the dog to stay! HPL is also known for its fire safety properties and is easy to clean. 






"Een Cucciolotta doghouse is forever!"


Durable and Easy to keep clean

Because HPL does not absorb animal odours or any other kind of moisture and can be easily rinsed with water, cleaning is a piece of cake. In addition, weather conditions do not affect the doghouse at all and it can withstand any type of weather. A Cucciolotta Classic doghouse is a very durable product that will stand the test of time. Assembly is also easy to realise, because all Cucciolotta doghouses are provided with an ingenious and patented system, where all plates easily click together and the doghouse can be assembled without tools. 








                                     Why choose a Cucciolotta Classic dog house?

                                      Made of strong, scratch resistant and durable HPL-Material

                                     Resistant to all weather conditions

                                     Provides a warm and safe shelter above the cold ground

                                     Easy to clean, thanks to the material used and the removable roof

                                     Does not absorb animal odours or liquids and is not affected by parasites or pests

*During the demonstration in the video, the chicken coop is used which is assembled in the same way as the dog house.


Currently in our product range are the Classic Cucciolotta dog houses in the following sizes:

                          Cucciolotta Classic L                                               Cucciolotta Classic XL

Cucciolotta dog houses are also available for chickens. View the range for chicken coops here.