Package Deal - Robocat Mouse



The Robocat Mouse with MADNIP, for every cat!

Activate the natural hunting instinct of cats with the Robocat Mouse in 3 trendy colours! This battery-operated mouse has a motion sensor, which makes the mouse move as soon as the cat comes close. Thanks to t

he unpredictable directions and the addition ofMADNIP, the natural hunting instinct of cats will be activated!


MADNIP has been incorporated into the mouse’s tail. MADNIP comes from a special plant, originating from Asia, and ensures that cats feel relaxed and at ease. MADNIP is also more potent and fruity than Catnip and is irresistible to any cat, increasing their interest in the Robocat Mouse!
This package deal allows you to offer a complete range of Robocat Mouse products!

View the deal here!


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