Already a KONG club Member?

What is the purpose of becoming a KONG Club Member?
Once a member of the KONG Club, retailers fully enjoy marketing support from KONG to maximise the sales of KONG products with minimal effort.

Support from KONG`
Retailers receive a KONG POS starter kit (with the next order). The retailer receives an e-mail monthly with new product information and a sample box with 2 free samples  of the latest KONG products. The box also contains a paper version of the newsletter of the current month.

Competition with great prizes
A retail shelf competition is organized every quarter per country. The store will receive the invitation by e-mail from KONG. The retailer sends an email with a photo of the shelf with KONG items to KONG.

This competition allows the retailer to win great prizes
1st prize
: KONG FSU display filled with items
3 runner up prizes: KONG clip strips filled with items

Each participant (incl. winners) will receive 2 samples of the latest KONG products.

KONG will send these prizes directly to the retailer.
Every quarter, the participating retailer will receive an email from KONG with KONG facts and sales tips!