Stress and anxiety in pets; what can you do?

Stress in pets may be caused by many things and is often difficult to eliminate. Many dogs and cats are afraid of fireworks, or your pet may suffer from separation anxiety. Stress and anxiety in pets can be recognized by various changes in the animal's behaviour, such as:

  • Restless walking back and forth (pacing)
  • Drooling and possibly vomiting
  • Barking, whining or meowing a lot
  • Urinating in the house all of a sudden
  • A changed appetite
  • Enormous or no affection at all
  • Unwanted behaviour, such as vandalism

Of course you know your pet best and will notice a change in behaviour faster. The above symptoms however are the most common to see. It is important to first find out where the stress or anxiety is coming from. Do you notice, for example, that your pet finds it difficult when you go out? Do you notice destructions or other undesirable things when you return? This might indicate that your pet is suffering from separation anxiety. Stress can also be caused by a new situation such as a holiday, or by boredom. 

Always give the animal time to get used to a new situation. Introduce a new partner or family member in a calm manner, prepare the animal for a long car journey or flight and create a safe place when renovating or moving. Choose a quiet place and make sure the animal has its own basket/blanket and toys. Also use the AFP Calm Paws - Pet Calming Diffuser. This diffuser is based on essential oils (valerian and lavender), which have a calming effect.

Fear of fireworks in pets

Especially as we approach the end of the year, fireworks are more and more common. While we are familiar with the (sometimes very loud) bangs and colours in the sky, pets do not know where they come from. The fear of fireworks therefore arises a lot faster and is more difficult to treat. Prevention is always better than cure, but if your dog or cat has developed a fear of fireworks, there are some solutions and ways to improve the situation.

Start at the beginning
Start by being prepared. On days when you know that fireworks are going to be launched, preferably do not let your cat out, and take your dog for a short walk at quiet times. On New Year's Eve, for example, this is quite early in the morning, and around the time when most people are having dinner. Also, late in the evening it can be quieter, because people then like to wait until midnight before launching the fireworks. Do not go out for a long walk, but make sure that your dog has been able to do his or her business properly.

Furthermore, keep windows and curtains closed in order to keep the noises and bangs out of the house as much as possible. Distract your dog with a nice chew bone or toy. When a dog chews, endorphins are produced, which have analgesic properties and are also known as the 'happy hormone'. So fill a Kong with treats or choose one of our Viking bones, which last extra long!

What to do in case of stress and anxiety?

A compression shirt is very helpful in stressful situations. This shirt is suitable for dogs and fits tightly around the body and feels like a cuddle toy, which has a calming effect. The Relaxopet's also offer a solution in stressful situations. As the Relaxopet emits frequent vibrations that only pets can hear, the animal is slowly calmed down.

Also take a look at our range of calming supplements. Research has shown that stress in dogs and cats can be reduced by adding certain nutrients to the diet. No Stress Mix HK contains L-tryptophan, which has a positive effect on stress and anxiety. In addition, it supports the digestive, skin and urinary tract, organs that function less well under stress. This supplement is also good to combine with the injector No Stress Paste Dog&Cat. This paste already works after 40 minutes and has a lasting effect of 3 hours!